ArsenalMY Emirates Trip 2012

We have get an approval from Arsenal UK to organize a trip to Emirates on 9-13 March 2012. Please find the itinerary as follows:

This event is only limited to 14 registered members and will be based on first come first serve basis. Registered members who interest, need to bank-in RM1000 as deposit to CIMB account #: 1421 0002 1012 04 (Shairul Sazliee) for ticket booking before 15 Jan 2012.

The total overall cost is RM5,000 per person which includes the following:
1. Return Air Asia flight ticket (LCCT @ London)
2. Return train ticket from Gadwick Airport - Victoria station
3. Return train ticket from Victoria Station - Liverpool Street Station
4. Return train ticket from Liverpool Street Station - Arsenal Station (2x)
5. Tune Hotel Liverpool Street (4 nights) - twin sharing
6. Emirates Stadium Tour
7. Match ticket Arsenal vs Newcastle

Note: Deposit is not refundable. Therefore, we only need genuine and confirm travelers.


Thanahenry said...

Are this offer valid for non registered members??

kyo_9 said...

I thought the price was cut down to RM3900. Could someone clarify this info for me??

Thanks in advance!

AFCSM Bowling 2011/2012 said...

Sorry guys, the price is RM5K since we will travelling via Etihad Airways and not Air Asia.

AFCSM Bowling 2011/2012 said...

Hi Thana,

Only for registered members. But you can become one as long as you bank-in RM60 and fill in your particulars at the following URL:

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