(special thanks to K. Anand for the results and table)

  •  20th March 2011 - Fixtures and Team List
  • 18th March 2011- Team selection draw will be done 1 hour before WBA v Arsenal game. All players are invited to come and witness the draw
  • 17th March 2011- We have reached maximum numbers of players! Thank you for your support! See you all 27th March 2011 !

We are excited to announce that we will be having a friendly mini futsal tournament for our registered members which we call Arsenal Malaysia Cup 2011.

Date     : Sunday, 27th March 2011
Time     : 10 am - 2 pm (but please come much earlier)
Venue    : Samba de Futsal
Fees     : RM 15 per participant (RM10 for goalkeeper)
Concept  : 6 teams round robin
  • Limited to registered Arsenal Malaysia members, guys only.
  • We hope to get 42 players (6 teams of 7 players each, including 6 goalkeepers, 1 for each team of course)
  • Once we have the required number of confirmed players, we will have a special draw to see which player goes to which team. We will try to fairly distribute the players according to their ages so that no team is too young or too young-at-heart-only. Goalkeepers will be separately drawn. The players are welcome to witness this special draw.
  • The 6 teams will be competing to be the first to get their hands on our specially imported Arsenal Malaysia Cup Challenge Trophy. Champions will win special trophies too (each player), the team who finishes as runner-up will get mini-trophies and everyone else will also get a souvenir. Every player will walk away with a memento of this special event!
  • We will be playing on the big blue pitch. We will also have a qualified referee.
  • We will also be selling some merchandise at this event, so if you're not playing, you can still come to not only support the players but also to get some merchandise.
  • If you can't or don't want to play but still want to be part of this event, you could volunteer to help the organizing committee. Some of the jobs include, but not limited to, carrying things, bringing things, manning the registration and merchandise counter, taking superb pictures, making sure the correct teams are ready to play, following-up with the referee to get the official scores, updating the league table and so on. Please volunteer only if you can come earlier and willing to do work. Your services might be needed too in the days leading up to the event. No promises, but we might reward the volunteers with something special.
  • To confirm your participation as players, please contact Hafez STRICTLY BY SMS ONLY (017-468 2280), giving your full name, membership number and age. If you want to play as a goalkeeper, please state it in your SMS.
  • Please make sure you confirm your participation only if you are sure you can make it. AWOLs, MIAs and latecomers will really spoil this event.
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